Spanish for Children and Teenager’s Testimonial

Alexandra Morand

I first began studying with Sara when I was 8 years old. My grandmother drove me to my weekly lessons with her for roughly 5 years. Thanks to Sara I continued taking Spanish courses throughout high school. I developed a love for the language during those years and completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of Windsor in Modern Languages: Spanish Option and French Studies, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Spanish has been useful to me in many situations from vacationing in the south to being a helpful interpreter when out and about. I was also able to participate in MLC’s immersion program in Salamanca, Spain a few years ago. It was an incredible experience that really assisted me in elevating the eloquence and pronunciation with which I speak Spanish. I strongly believe that my classes, excursions and experiences with both Sara and MLC have enriched my life beyond words. I cannot wait to see where this wonderful language takes me next, perhaps another class at MLC?

Alexandra Morand
Former university student of Modern Languages - Spanish Option and French

Private Lesson’s Testimonial

I began my study of Spanish relatively late in life, so it was a greater challenge than for most people. Sara, at MLC Modern Languages Centre, quickly showed me that age is no impediment to learning. She is patient, knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional. Sara has a unique way of putting students at ease, connecting with them, and instilling confidence. I am now able to read, write, and converse in Spanish and therefore feel comfortable when traveling in Latin America. Rather than a daunting ordeal, Sara has made learning a new language an exciting and gratifying adventure.  I have benefited greatly from the personalized methods employed by MLC Modern Languages Centre and strongly recommend MLC to those who want a fresh and effective approach to foreign language study.

Martin N. Marger
Retired Sociology Professor

Corporate Training’s Testimonial

Jonathon Azzopardi

Our Company LAVAL is a Mould and Prototype Manufacturer which has recently expanded operations into Mexico. This expansion has many obstacles one of which is language and preparing our employees to travel and work in Mexico was a high priority for us. Sara Escobar-Wiercinski was very helpful in creating a curriculum that met our needs and worked within in our timeline. Sara organised two classes of 10 employees each and tailored the lessons to help our employees to bridge the language gap to help make this expansion a success. She was very flexible working with our manufacturing schedule and adapting the lessons and the times to meet our two shift operations. Our employees enjoyed the lessons and showed great progress while learning and having fun. Additionally, Sara also played a big part in supporting our training grant to help fund the cost for the lessons. We truly appreciated her flexibility while we went thru the funding process and it helped cover 65% of the costs.

Jonathon Azzopardi (President of Laval International)
Laval International

Spanish for Children and Teenager Testimonial and Online Webinar Training’s Testimonial

Sarah Acosta Escobar

As a child growing up in Canada, I learned three languages simultaneously: Spanish was learned at home with my mother who conveniently happens to teach the language, and always emphasized the importance of speaking and writing well. French and English in my surrounding and at school through a French immersion elementary and secondary education. This love of languages stayed with me: I completed my bachelor’s degree as double major in French and Political Science at the University of Windsor, I was a teacher’s assistant in Spanish while completing my Masters in International Affairs at Carleton University and I did two exchanges programs in France. After various exciting work opportunities, I landed my dream job of working for Global Affairs Canada as a management Consular Officer. In order to complete my training and for the purpose of being a Consul at an embassy in Latin America, I recently had to take formal online Spanish training webinar with MLC to pass the (quite challenging) language assessment test. Thanks to the intensive preparation provided by MLC I passed!

Learning and mastering a language is a lifelong commitment that really pay off!

Sarah Acosta Escobar
Management Consular at Global Affair Canada

Spanish for Children and Teenager’s Testimonial

Edyta Durand

It wasn’t long after I started learning Spanish (I was 12) that I realized that these lessons would provide me with much more than just a fun, “secret” new language to communicate with. Studying Spanish with Sara for more than 6 years introduced me to an insurmountable amount of new possibilities anchored in self-confidence and pride, curiosity about the world, as well as its cultures and the people in it. It was this foundation that led me to truly live out my experiences abroad spent in Spain and while backpacking through South America. It continues to help now at age 28 in my work. Sara’s patience in teaching my teenage-self Spanish blessed me not only with the ability to read, write and speak the language, but gifted with me the appreciation and understanding of different cultures and contextual situations. There are many ways to learn a language, but not many people who through teaching a language can inspire, motivate, and excite their students to expand their perspective on the world around them.

Edyta Durand
Works in a Multinational Organization in Switzerland

Private Lesson’s Testimonial

I arranged weekly private lessons at MLC Modern Language Centre to improve my conversational Spanish for an upcoming trip to Argentina. After an initial assessment with MLC’s director, Sara Escobar-Wiercinski, she determined my proficiency and the preparation I would need for my stay in Buenos Aires. Sara created a strategy for me that combined the use of a text with online exercises and quizzes. Rather than relying only on the text, I was able to listen, write, read, take quizzes, and get instant feedback online. I found this to be a perfect combination and I advanced through the chapters rapidly. This seems to be an excellent way to learn a language quickly and painlessly. I highly recommend taking classes at MLC Modern Language Centre. I also recommend my professor Sara not only for her knowledge of Spanish but also for her professional and motivating teaching style.

Connie Marger
Retired Nurse

Salamanca, Spain Immersion’s Testimonial

Salamanca, Spain

My husband and I were fortunate enough to be part of a group organized and directed by Sara Escobar-Wiercinski which travelled to the University of Salamanca in Spain to study Spanish. Sara competently handled every detail of the trip from booking flights to arranging accommodations and registering us in the Spanish Immersion classes. Studying Spanish at the University of Salamanca was an invaluable immersion experience. We attended classes surrounded by buildings steeped in history. The classes were appropriate to our abilities in Spanish and there was an opportunity to meet other students from many different countries. Our host family provided clean, easily accessible accommodations and good quality meals. Besides learning Spanish, we were able to immerse ourselves in the Spanish culture; eating tapas, relaxing during the siesta hour, and attending concerts in Salamanca. As well, our group visited other places on the weekends, such as Madrid, Segovia, Burgos and Portugal. Most memorable of all, were the evenings we spent sipping wine at a table on the Plaza Mayor and watching the world go by.

Doris Gaspar and Ernest Gaspar
Retired Lawyer and Retired Autoworker

Teacher Training in Salamanca Testimonial’s


I was part of the group that traveled in July 2016 with the Modern Languages Centre to Spain for the Teacher Training of Spanish as Foreign Language at the Universidad de Salamanca. The complete package was a unique and enriching cultural and educational experience. Every detail was very well organized by Sara Escobar-Wiercinski. I can say that we felt secure always, and very well guided.

The classes were fantastic, we learned a lot, and met great people. Living with a Spanish family was a unique experience. The evenings in Salamanca are unforgettable, especially our daily meetings under “el Reloj de la Plaza Mayor” eating tapas and singing along with the Spanish Tunas. We also got to visit various cities of Spain as part of our cultural immersion.

I would encourage anyone to consider joining in any future immersions abroad hosted by MLC.

¡Adelante! ¡Vamos a hablar español, amigos!

Claudia Pineda
Teacher training in Spain - Spanish instructor

Spanish for Children and Teenager’s Testimonial

Navigation Officer

I learned Spanish with Sara for 9 years. I started when I was only 8 years old. By the time I was 14 I was traveling on exchange to Spain and eventually I spent numerous summers in Mexico. Learning Spanish was one of the best decisions my parents had made since it is such an important global language. I am now fluent in 3 languages, Polish, English, and Spanish. I am a Navigation Officer on cargo ships and my knowledge in Spanish has not only helped me socially but also professionally. I would highly recommend anyone to learn Spanish with Sara. I was a very hyper boy when I was a kid, yet Sara still somehow managed to teach me successfully. Today, I can honestly say that I can attribute my success to my knowledge of different languages. There are no regrets in learning Spanish!

Peter Kosior
Works as a Navigation Officer on Cargo Ships

Private Tutoring’s Testimonial

Alina Nanikova

I am an international student from Russia, and I have been taking Spanish for several years at the University of Windsor. When I was looking for private Spanish tutoring to improve my language skills, I learned about the MLC Modern Languages Centre. I set an appointment, and at the meeting I was introduced to my instructor Claudia. She is a very intelligent and professional woman. After a few lessons I was already surprised by how my Spanish skills improved: I became more confident in speaking. I started to participate more during my regular Spanish classes at the university, and I realized my listening improved as well. MLC provides a variety of different languages, and now I am thinking to learn one more later. I am very grateful to the director, Dr. Sara Escobar-Wiercinski, and my instructor Claudia for their help in the realization of my dream to know the Spanish language.

Alina Nanikova
Student of Criminology and Modern Languages

French Group Lessons’ Testimonial

ACN-All Communications Independent Business Owner

I am taking French so that I can travel to France and to expand my horizons. Taking French with Madame France Champoux is such a great experience. Being part of a small group in the French class allows me to interact more with my teacher and to learn better. The setting of a small group of adults is very comfortable at MLC. Madame France is a dynamic instructor who is passionate about teaching French and for her students to have the same passion to learn the Language. Hearing her speak is like being in Paris France (although she is from Quebec!). I’m so excited and can’t wait until I am able to speak it fluently. Thank you also to Dr. Sara Escobar-Wiercinski for opening up the MLC Modern Languages Centre. MERCI!!

Claudia Raymundo
ACN-All Communications Independent Business Owner
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