Contemporary-Hybrid-Communicative Approach: Technology and pedagogy unite to make the learning in the target language a modern, exciting, challenging, and yet fun learning experience.

Classical-Communicative Approach: Face-to-face interaction with professional-motivating instructors.

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Small Groups – 8 to 10 Week-Programs

MLC's classes are fun, exciting, and yet challenging.

MLC enhances your child lives towards countless opportunities in the future.

MLC prepares children and teenagers for post-secondary language studies.

Children and Teenagers Program

  • MLC’s goal is to help your children learn a new language with the best practices and instructors.
  • Course Duration:  8 to 10 weeks - 1.5 hr-class.
  • Tuition Prices per Student:
    • 8-10 students: tuition $175.00+HST
    • 5-7 students: tuition $200.00+HST
    • 3-4 students: tuition $250.00+HST
    • Semi-private 2 students: tuition $30.00+HST/per hour/student.
    • Private lessons one-on-one $55.00+HST/per hour class.
    • Some didactic materials are included in the price. The textbook is extra.
    • A discount of 10% for a sibling.
    • For registration or to ask for more details please go to the section: "Register Now":
    • 1. For information only: Fill in the form online and send it.
    • 2. For registration: Download the registration form for children (Windsor or Leamington) complete it and email it to

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  • One-on-One: tuition starting at $55.00+HST per hour.
  • Semi Private 2-student: tuition $350.00+HST 1.5 hr-class-9 weeks.
  • Some material included.
  • The textbook is extra.

Private Program: One-on-One

  • MLC offers the fastest way to learn at your own pace.
  • MLC’s classes are designed to meet individual student’s needs.
  • MLC’s lessons can be rescheduled.
  • MLC’s private lessons are for students of all ages.
  • MLC’s private and semi-private lessons start dates are arranged to suit the student’s needs.
  • Tuition: Starting at $55.00+HST per hour.
  • Some material included.  The textbook is extra.
  • Private lessons only in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Small Groups – 10 to 12 week-programs –

  • MLC offers the traditional teaching-learning methodology for students who feel more comfortable with a more traditional learning approach, without the use of technology.
  • MLC’s group classes also offer the 2.0 approach: The revolutionary 21st-century hybrid face-to-face lessons, and fully guided online practices

Small Group Program

  • MLC’s group classes are personalised to meet the collective needs of the group.
  • Tuition 2020 - 2021
    • 6-7 students: tuition $285.00+HST (2.0 hours  - 10 weeks) *
    • 4-5 students: tuition $320.00+HST (1.5 hours - 10 weeks) *
    • 2-3 students: tuition $350.00+HST (1.5 hours - 9 weeks)
    • Some didactic materials are included. The textbook is extra.
  • Registration: For registration or to ask for more details go to the section "Register Now" and fill in the form.  Someone from our registration team will contact you soon.
  • Schedules and Start dates: Go to the section: "News & Schedule".
  • *Conversation Group Meetings:  For students registered in packages 1 or 2.  You can join a weekly conversational class, in a relaxing-judgment-free zone, to practice your speaking skills.

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  • On-site classes for corporations are tailored to meet the company’s languages needs.
  • Tuition rate vary according to the company's goals.
  • Call for information.

On-Site Corporate Training

  • MLC’s on-site classes for corporations are tailored to meet your company’s specific languages needs.
  • MLC creates a specific curriculum that met the requirements of your company.
  • MLC’s knowledgeable and qualified instructors teach your employees within your timeline.
  • Tuition prices vary according to your company needs.  Email us to set an appointment:

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Small Groups – 10-week programs – 1.5 hours class

  • Intensive Training Workshops "Train-the-Trainer" for Instructors—and/or potential instructors at MLC. 
  • Call for information.

Train-the-Trainer Program

  • MLC offers the Intensive Training Workshops "Train-the-Trainer" (TTT) during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms.
  • Tuition Prices per Participant:
    • 5-6 students: tuition $300.00+HST
    • 3-4 students: tuition $350.00+HST
  • MLC’s TTT is for language instructors and for anyone who wants to learn and update language teaching techniques.
  • MLC’s TTT is delivered in Spanish or in English by expert and experienced language professors in interactive series of small workshops.

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  • For more information:

Language Immersion Abroad 

  • Language and Culture Immersion in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.
  • Teacher Training for Spanish Instructors in Spain.
  • Contact us for any of our Immersion Abroad.
  • Check our News info in the section "News & Schedule".
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